June 1997, WESTEND STUDIO, Tokyo and Sekitan Souko, Osaka. Revised version

Used more than 400 concrete blocks in 1992, 3000 blocks in 1997. The brick wall higher than human head brakes, and the block pile collapse and the man on the bricks falls down together.
002-BARB PHOTO October 1993 KID AILACK ART HALL, Tokyo
March 2003 Nishiogi WENZ Studio, Tokyo. Revised version.

Stage is covered with barbed wire. Breaks florescent lamp with a metal bat. Swings down arms hard on the tight stretched barbed wire, and tackles bodies. Injured bodies are dyed with pink paints. Coiled pipes with barbed wire are thrown down from the ceiling at revised version in 2003.
003-POOL PHOTO July 1994, Art Camp Hakushu, at scaffold parking, Hakushu Yamanashi
August 1997, Minato Mirai 21 special scaffold venue, Yokohama. Revised version.

Constructed a pond outdoors filled with red liquid. Soaks into water and floats and hits the water with his whole body. Red spray flies up by electrical pomp. Takes lift and throw dozens of smoke bomb from the height. The pond became dozens at the revised version in 1997.
April 1998, Hosei University Hall Tokyo. Revised version.

A man is buried in pink powder. His neck is tied to the ceiling with a chain. Hit by the chain, the powder fly around the site. Pink power was increased to 4 ton at revised version in 1998. The body is sink into the massive powder.
005-SHOVEL PHOTO August, 1995 Art Camp Hakushu Scaffold parking, Yamanashi Hakushu

The venue, empty space is an ex grape filed. 5meter diameter and 3 meter depth of huge hole was dug there. A man fallen down into the hall, and he bathes sand that big power shovel dug. The man is scooped by the power shovel and lifted, spun and thrown away to the ground. Red hay layers around the hall were burnt.
006-SPHERE PHOTO October, 1996 Hongo Dok, Tokyo

Steel balls 1 meter in diameter, dozen of carbide metallic red balls are on the stage. The venue is covered with red enamel. The steel balls hit to the steel lift which goes up and down. The heavy carbide balls are thrown down from the height, and make violent noise. CG in which balls move also is used.
007-BOLT PHOTO January, 1997 WESTEND STUDIO, Tokyo

The site was scaffold to the shape of a mortar with 6 floors structure. Many industrial bolts are scattered on the floors, steps and bridges. A man is hitting the iron slate with bolt by iron pipe endless. The bolts on the scaffoldings and bridges jump with metallic noise. The bolts are frown on the lower levels where a man can hardly stand.
008-MIRROR PHOTO September 1997, Tokyo Art theatre small hall, Tokyo
November 1999, Kobe Art Village Center, Kobe, December 1999, LAFORET MUSEUM ROPPONGI, Tokyo. Revised Version

4 meter Mirror walls in height are surrounded the theatre from 3 sides. Huge circulating steel machine, which has 5-meter diameter, is set up. The Mirror wall is cracked at some parts, and completely broken at the other parts. A small room made by magic mirrors was appeared in 1999 version.
PHOTO/SEKI SATORU PHOTO/otto muehlethaler
009-COLLAR PHOTO February 2000, Kagurazaka die pratze, Tokyo

Costume with high collar, a Japanese student uniform looks alike. The man paints his face white and marches on the floor where very thin light lines run vertically and in diagonal along with positive punk style music. He takes off his high collar jacket and fling to the floor. This is the first piece that later will be developed as "SHORT SOLO WORKS", which has a freaky characters in each piece. Revised version is under construction. Missing number at the moment.
010-SKIN PHOTO September 2000 Torii Hall, Osaka
October 2003 Reithalle Dachstock, Bern, Switzerland. Vastly revised.

Wearing flesh colored rubber mask and pink rubber clothes that clings to a body. In a blurred light, the man cares his crotch, and strokes all over his body. He drops gore from his mouth. Series of "SHORT SOLO WORKS"
PHOTO/otto muehlethaler PHOTO/otto muehlethaler
011-DOT PHOTO September 2000, Torii Hall, Osaka October 2001, Reithalle Dachstock, Bern Switzerland. Vastly revised.

A man wearing a shirt with black and pink dots, painted face in pink, and the mouth is widely split. A man is repeating simple movements, which counts a rhythm with hands, shoulder and his hip. The techno pop looping sounds increase thick and towards contort. The lights make huge white and pink shadows, and white and pink mirror balls circulate. The man falls over again and again along with the movements the lights make. Series of "SHORT SOLO WORKS"
012-RAG PHOTO September 2000 Torii Hall, Osaka
October 2001, Reithalle Dachstock, Bern Switzerland. Vastly revised.

A man with a ragged costume and a gray hair. Wondering under studding light on the floor. Music by Gut guitar is filling the space. Performed more than 40 times so far. Series of "SHORT SOLO WORKS"
@ PHOTO/otto muehlethaler
013-FIN PHOTO July 2001, Daichi Atelier, Okinawa

A man is wearing a costume with fins. In the reversed light, the figure becomes shadow and only the fin part can be seen transparent. Missing number. Revised piece is under construction. Series of "SHORT SOLO WORKS"
014-SCAR PHOTO July 2001, Torii Hall, Osaka
October 2001, Reithalle Dachstock, Bern Switzerland. Vastly revised.

Special effect makeup is used. A man with a deep scar and blood on his forehead, cheek, arms, and back of his arms creeps from far. Gothic horror style music changes into quick waltz, and the man shakes his body violently there and passes by. Series of "SHORT SOLO WORKS"
PHOTO/otto muehlethaler PHOTO/otto muehlethaler
015-PETAL PHOTO July 2001, Torii Hall, Osaka
September 2003, Museum fur Angewandte Kunst, Vienna Austria. Vastly revised.

Wearing a skirt with layers like petals. Long sleeves like petals covers arms lightly. A man returns many times guided by lights. Crap hands with the drum and bass rhythm. Series of "SHORT SOLO WORKS"
016-WALL PHOTO October 2001, Reithalle Dachstock, Bern Switzerland

A man appears with a red enamel coat magnificently. He suddenly runs and crashes to walls with his whole body. Heavy rhythm with drum machine. The phase of the wall changes with the light every time he crashes. The man disappears in filled smoke. Series of "SHORT SOLO WORKS"
PHOTO/otto muehlethaler PHOTO/otto muehlethaler
017-SPEAKER PHOTO October 2001, Reithalle Dachstock, Bern Switzerland

Can hear the sound of breath in the dark. A man with a hand speaker in a white shirt of gauze with his face bandaged can be seen when the light turns on. He amplifies his breath with the hand speaker and marches on slowly. The sound of breath gradually becomes violent. The site is full of roar and howling sound. Series of "SHORT SOLO WORKS"
018-NET PHOTO October 2001, Reithalle Dachstock, Bern Switzerland

A man with black shirt made from see throw net crawls on a floor. In a blinking storobo, the transportation becomes at random. On the point he reaches, rock style music and white and red (purple) lights crossed, and he simply opens his arms again and again. Series of "SHORT SOLO WORKS"
019-WRIST PHOTO August 2002, Kotoni Nisshoku Souko ConCarino, Sapporo

A man is wearing a sleeveless pink shirt. A band on the right wrist. He doesnÕt stop shaking right wrist. Industrial techno pop style sound. The movement corresponds to the phrase variation of the music. Series of "SHORT SOLO WORKS"
020-FRILL PHOTO September 2002 ST Spot, Yokohama

Wearing a white frilled gothic style shirt. A man is leaning on a wall. In a quiet piano music, he clings, slides and strokes the wall. Series of "SHORT SOLO WORKS"
PHOTO/URASHIMA KEI PHOTO/otto muehlethaler
021-WRINKLE PHOTO October 2002 Aphra Studio, England Canterbury

His face is hidden in a hood at first. Music develops from radio noise to a quick Gaba. Heavily blinking red lights resemble to one of music live performance. When the man takes away the hood, a face with special make up effect full of wrinkles appears. Series of "SHORT SOLO WORKS"
022-RIDERS PHOTO October 2002, Aphra Studio, England Canterbury

A man in double leather riderÕs jacket is wandering in blinking strobe and footlight. When the man throw up the arms, the light changes to all purple, and heavy rock style music begins. When the man runs around the site falling forward, the purple world gradually lose the color. Series of "SHORT SOLO WORKS"
PHOTO/otto muehlethaler PHOTO/otto muehlethaler
023-SILVER PHOTO November 2002 Orphtheater German Bern

A man with silver face sprawled on the floor. He lifts his upper body, and lies down again. The man never fully stand up although he half stand up. Towards the end, he does "bridge" by his main force. Noise industrial sound becomes richer, makes rhythm and becomes music. Series of "SHORT SOLO WORKS"
024-MAXI PHOTO September 2003 Musem fur Angewandte Kunst Austria Vienna

A man is wearing a black maxi coat. He is wearing the coat as if he is wrapping himself and wandering around the theatre. He throws the coat as if he tries to release the coat from his body. Skunk plays the alternative rock style music by the solo guitar. Series of "SHORT SOLO WORKS"
PHOTO/otto muehlethaler @
025-CROW PHOTO October 2003 Reithalle Dachstock, Switzerland Bern

A man wears numberless crowÕs feather on his body, and he wears crowÕs mask on the face. Sitting straight. Rock music, which has Japanese melody by the Piano, is played. A man stretches out towards up seduced by the shining light from the ceiling. Series of "SHORT SOLO WORKS"
026-METAL PHOTO October 2004 Ritto Center for Fine Arts "SAKIRA", Shiga

027-FRAME PHOTO February 2005, FUCHU ART MUSEUM, Tokyo


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